Tips for Booking Mistake Fares

Yesterday’s Air Canada mistake fare deal, which included $163 flights to Europe, was a good reminder that you should always book flight deals ASAP. The Air Canada deal was only posted for 45 minutes before it disappeared. I couldn’t get ahold of Mrs. TT to determine which dates worked best, and I failed to book in time.

When you find a flight deal that is too good to be true, always start booking as many fares as you may need. You can book them for yourself, family, and friends. You can always cancel them later (within 24 hours). The key is not to waste time. Once you’ve booked, then reach out to those individuals and confirm if they want the flights. You are allowed to cancel within 24 hours per US Federal Law.


Mistake Fares 101:

  1. Immediately start booking possible flights. Book as many as you may need; you can always cancel them later
  2. After booking cancel those you don’t want within 24 hours, as allowed per Federal law
  3. Wait a couple days to determine if the tickets will be cancelled or not
  4. Wait for your flight to be ticketed
  5. Book hotels and positioning flights once you are sure the tickets will be issued


After booking you will have to wait a day or two to see if the flights will be honored or cancelled by the airline. This is the waiting game and there really is no way to know if they will be honored. Once you can confirm the airline will honor the ticketed price then you should begin planning the rest of the trip and booking flights/hotels.


mistake fares


Air Canada announced on Twitter this evening that they will honor all flights purchased yesterday. I keep kicking myself for losing out on such a great deal! Hesitation is always a lose-lose situation so don’t be left without a ticket in the future!


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