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[WOW FLIGHT DEAL] From $248: Boston & Baltimore to Iceland / Paris / Amsterdam / Berlin

Never miss another post! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter!   Awesome deals on fares from Boston or Baltimore to Iceland, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin from $248 round-trip! WOW Air is a budget airline so they tack on fees for everything from baggage (checked bag $48), food, and drinks (not even water is free), but if you plan right you can...

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[Flight Deal] From $158 – Miami / Chicago / Baltimore to Cancun, Mexico (Nonstop / Round-trip)

American Airlines is offering thrifty sale fares on round-trip flights from Miami, Chicago, and Baltimore to Cancun, Mexico. The sale fares are available almost daily in January and February, with the cheapest flights out of Miami. Flights from Chicago and Miami are nonstop! When searching on Google Flights, make sure to select “American” under airlines to filter out budget airlines. Get...